M. STERN, LLC. is a trade supplier of fine, loose gemstones. We specialize in Paraíba tourmaline and Imperial Topaz. We are committed to providing ethically sourced gemstones and full disclosure to our valued clients.

  • Gemstone parcels
    • 1-40 unit Minimum Order Quantity depending on individual unit size, type, and quality.
    • Subject to availability. 
  • Memo Terms
    • Up to 30 days
    • Renewable
  • Custom Selection
    • Subject to existing conditions at time of selection
    • Wholesale trade buyers may select individual pieces from applicable parcels as long as they meet the established Minimum Order Quantity requirements.

If you would like to become one of our wholesale trade buyers, please contact us today. 

We ask that you provide copies of the following documents in order to establish eligibility as a wholesale trade buyer:

  • Valid Business License showing that your company is engaged in the gem & jewelry trade. 
  • Valid Seller's Permit showing that your company is engaged in the gem & jewelry trade. 

Determination of eligibility for wholesale trade buyers is subject to the discretion of M. STERN, LLC. and presentation of the required documents does not guarantee approval.